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Focus on being debt free, generating passive income or growing net worth?

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Second Chance Properties Ltd

SRS Portfolio - 30 Nov 2013

Investment Ideas for 2014

Brain dead!

It's time of the year again!

SRS portfolio as of 31 Oct 2013

Don't treat your career marathon like a sprint


SRS Portfolio - 30 Sep 2013

Mapletree Commercial Trust

SPH & Suntec REIT

SRS Portfolio - 31 Aug 2013

This the season for cutting loss ^_^

Good "Reit-dance"?


Riverstone Holdings

Croesus Retail Trust

Starfish SRS Portfolio - 31 July 2013

Nera Tel

Riverstone Holdings Ltd

Starfish SRS portfolio as of 30 June 2013

Topping Up SRS account

Starfish SRS Portfolio Expected Yield

Addition of "ACS" to SRS portfolio

Show me the money!

A Global Meltdown and a REITgrettable mistake?

Mapletree Commercial Trust & Sabana REIT

Starfish SRS Portfolio as of 31 May 2013

AIMPS Reit and CapitaRChina

Capital Preservation Mode

REITaility Check